Fiore April Zářické údolí

Our second leonberger 2003-2013


demoLeonberger je vyšľachtené plemeno psa

Heinrichom Essigom v roku 1846.
Marec, 2015

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Prvá novinka

demoLeonberger v životnej veľkosti

vystavený v Leonbergu je dielom maďarských sochárov.

Updated: 10.marca, 2015

Fiore April:

Veľmi temperamentná povaha


s povahou akú mala

Fiore je skôr výnimkou ako pravidlom.

Updated: 10.marec, 2015

Víťaz Slovenska:

Banská Bystrica 2005

demoFiore April

získala tento titul na

výstave v máji 2005.

Updated: 10.marec,2015

In Memory: In the blue dog sky.


Fiore April Zářické údolí

21.9.2003 - 21.6.2013



She was our second Leonberger in our family after our last dog Bonny died after car accident. We wanted firstly male, but the fact the Fiore was a female was not so important for us. We were really happy from here, because she was really playful and happy puppy. She has succes at competitions too and we want to thank her to land, where the way out is not existing.

Parents Fiore April -

mother: April Zárické údolí / father: Lasse vom Haus Voigt

lasse april


Lasse vom Haus Voigt wasSlovak and Czech champion,best male Czech republic 2003, BOB, national winner, 76cm/70kg - HD A

April Zářické údolí CAC, 75 cm/64 kg - HD A


Fiore April 74 cm/55 kg HD A :CAjC,CAC, Res CAC, Winner Slovakia 2005

fiore brana




Memory on Fiore April

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From the first meeting of our puppy Fiore we knew that she will be really active person. Her character was not able to change totally, but we tried to implement our effort to teach her some moral rules of our home. Later with training the results were coming.


I started going on competitions with Fiore and in 2005 I met Balasz Thurzo and i talked with him about possibility to put his succesful dog Lancelot vom Matthiasberg together with our Fiore for purpose of having little puppies. List of competitions, which Lancelot won was really long.



Fiore April a Lancelot vom Matthiasberg /25.-27.7.2005

Lancelot vom Matthiasberg Winner World dog show Poznan 2006,

Svetový šampión,Eurošampión, Interšampión,

Śampión Maďarska, Srbska a Čiernej hory,Rakúska, Švajčiarska, Fínska, Poľska, Juhoslávie,Slovinska, Chorvátska, Talianska .

8 x BIS Milano, Athény, San Marino, Beograd, Budapest, San Remo, Zagreb

12 x BOG, Umiestnený v BOG 18 x

BOB 78 x,

lancelot matthiasberg fiore repka



We tried hard, but even try in spring 2006 failed.


In autum 2006 we tried to find another dog for our Fiore and we discovered Bourney Löwe von Blumengarten. Everything happened sucesful and were just waiting for results.


We were able to be in happiness at first time.

Our effort was rewarded.


Bourney Löwe von Blumengarten

Hungarian junior champion, CAJC, 15xCAC, 5x Res.CACIB, 2xBOB, Hungarian derby winner. Bourney mal 64 kg a výšku 76 cm.

bourney fiore april



We had puppies and raise them with all happiness. Unfortunately Fiore haven't ever had puppies again. She didn't have a luck.

fiore puppies Athena



At the right side is our little Athena Chatayan and she won titul Leonberg of the year 2009 in Slovakia.

Leonberger of the year 2009



Fiore was really brave and great guardian of our house. In case of foreign person she was satisfied just when somebody from family was with foreigner together. She was very active at competitions. She was at our home all the time the leader of our dogs. Gallop and Grace were not able to be more dominant than Fiore.


Fiore was really happy in company of her two younger friends.



fiore 2013 fiore 2013



At the end of her life she got chest cancer and in really bad condition we made a decision that we let her out from this life peacefully without pain. Pet doctor gave her injection and she fell asleep in age of 9 years and 9 months.







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themed object
Slovenská chovateľská stanica leonbergerov
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